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Originally Posted by Balders View Post
I am going to the USA soon for a few days and I would like to buy my fist Mac, a Macbook Pro. I know what I want as a specification and wanted to contact the store to see if they would have one in stock. Has anyone had any experience buying from an Apple Retail Store?

It is a shame that I cannot contact them by mail. On the Apple website it only gives their telephone number. I wonder why that is?
Erm, well which country are you from? Are there any Apple Stores or Authorized Resellers in your own country? If there are then there isn't a point buying your Mac there, now is there? You could just drop by one of your own local stores to get one or to buy it online and have it shipped to your home, right?

I wouldn't recommend you to buy a Macbook Pro overseas, though. Through my own experiences, I brought my Macbook to the States for my studies last year, and the difference in voltage really killed my battery. Macbook Pros manufactured for this country has batteries specifically built for the voltage of that country. At least that is what I found out from a Genius when I visited a store once. He told me that it isn't recommended for me to buy a battery from the States if I bought my Macbook from my country.

So, there you go.
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