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Many thanks for the replies.

Yes, I agree with chscag's point that the dislocation of change from "switching" would be more trouble than it's worth especially if it runs the risk of interrupting the fluidity of business.

In my case, I'll be starting fresh. In other words, my proprietary computer from my prior firm has to remain. All I'd have to do is to port over files I've already saved on an external disk.

So, I'll have to buy "new" computers.

I'm awfully tempted to go with the Mac. Some of the cons for going with Macs are higher fixed cost, having to run some programs and protocols on either dual boot/vmware fusion/parrallels, and future expandability (if by some stroke of immense good fortune, the start up firm expands beyond my wildest dreams, windows based computers are better for a small to medium range enterprise network).

Emotionally, I'm tempted with going with the Mac.
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