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Journaled is recommended by Apple for all boot drives. I assume that would apply to SSDs as well, since I've not seen anything from the company excepting them.
Apple describes journaling as a way to "help protect the file system against power outages or hardware component failures". ... "In most cases, the impact of journaling upon data access performance are unnoticeable to users, but its implementation may not be practical for servers where data access demands outweigh its benefits." - Apple knowledge-base

I maintain that SSDs perform better (and by 'perform', I'm not referring solely to MB/s transfer rate) if the filesystem does not use a journal, because the benefits of a journal are outweighed by the costs. I acknowledge that this remains open to debate, of course.

It is good to bear in mind that journaling a filesystem merely reduces the risk of data loss; it does not eliminate it. Like RAID, SMART, or any other tech, it doesn't save you from catastrophic data loss. Only backups can do that.
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