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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
Wait till they see the iPad.
Maybe I'll convince her to buy one for me to test drive. I think she'd be disappointed by the lack of camera though. Now that's a novel sentiment, isn't it? Perhaps my grandmother is more cutting edge and hip than she knew!

Originally Posted by droflex View Post

To get the most out of photo booth you can do the following:


Have fun!

Thanks for the tips. I'm not sure you can have more fun than watching two little old ladies make fun of each other. My g-aunt actually pushed her sister out of the frame so that she could make her own forehead bulge "better".

Originally Posted by cuhnool View Post
You will have many more experiences where you're just like "wow, that was easy", or "I love how this works" or even just "wow!" as you continue your journey in learning about your Mac. Except now that you have that book, you can just read all of that
It's a pretty good book, but I think the experience is outshining it.

Originally Posted by EndlessMac View Post
You should. I'm sure Apple will also like the part about raping and pillaging of your bank account.
People would buy more of them just because they admitted to the raping and pillaging, out loud!

Originally Posted by MYmacROX View Post
That's so cool. My dad calls my MBP "the magic box". I get the impression he's impressed with it.
Don't let him touch it, you'll never see it again.
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