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Speed, beauty, ease of use, and longevity aside, this computer just earned the right to last week's raping and pillaging of my bank account.

I spent the afternoon with my great aunt; 91, my grandmother; 87, and photo booth. I don't think I have ever seen either of them laugh like that before. The pointing and the giggling and the tears were endless. I left my grandmother's at around 4pm, at 7:30, she called me to ask if the sunglasses on her table were mine. I said I'd drop by in the morning to pick them up. "Are you bringing your computer with you", she asked.

I should make a commercial.
That sounds like a blast! Glad you all had fun.

To get the most out of photo booth you can do the following:

If you have dark hair use a white background that is well lit.

If your hair is blond/grey use a black background.

The background contrast is very important.

Illuminate your face with extra lighting because the flash from the screen is not enough. A flashlight will work.

The attire your wearing should be in contrast to the background as well.

Example: Blond hair, white shirt, white background will give you problems.

The more contrast the better.

Have fun!


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