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I got bought an iBook a week ago and have been trying to install ethereal and nessus. I am having a few problems and I have tried searching the web but the posted solutions didn't work for me. My background: I use linux and am quite comfortable with it.

1. I recently reinstalled my iBook to its default factory settings. It occupies approx 12Gb of hard didk space leaving me 18GB (have a 30Gb hdd). But after I installed X and xcode I was left with only 12Gb. Does X and xcode take 6GB?

2. How do I uninstall programs from OS X. Namely the apple encylopeda?

3. When I tried installing ethereal using fink or opendarwin ports I got errors compiling GTk because XFree86 couldn't overwite apple's X11 folder. When I tried installing ethereal using the source and using apple's X11 I got an error when running ethereal. I want to make my iBook a vulnerability testing machine but I am having a really hard time trying to get any of these security tools working. Please help.

4. I am using the inbuilt 256MB RAM for the iBook. I don't use any memory intensive applications yet my virtual memory is 3.4Gb in size almost always and when compiling programs it takes awfully long. What would be a decent amount of RAM to add 256Mb? or 512Mb? Could somebody please tell me the technical specs of the RAM and where I could get good deals?
Thanks for helping a switcher.
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