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Originally Posted by cptkrf View Post
I consider the Apple keyboards to be unusable. Just like a laptop keyboard. But I have been using big PC keyboards for decades and just can't get used to soft touch keys.

A couple of options.

Apple used to make a normal keyboard that was full sized with full key travel. They don't sell it anymore but you can find it new on Ebay and a lot of surplus stores. I bought one and it works fine. About $30US.
You might want to take a look at the Matias TactilePro 3 then. It's for people who like the old Apple desktop keyboards and since it's made for Macs you don't have to remap keys.

I personally like laptop style keyboards so I really can't offer anymore suggestions. The biggest thing I hate about the new Apple keyboards is that the keys are flat and not cup shaped. With a cup shape design I can easily find the center of the keys when pressed. With flat keys I've noticed that I hit the edges of the keys more than I would like and causes me to have typos. Just a slight cup design is all that is needed. The previous Mac keyboards used to have an inlet cup design.
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