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I consider the Apple keyboards to be unusable. Just like a laptop keyboard. But I have been using big PC keyboards for decades and just can't get used to soft touch keys.

A couple of options.

Apple used to make a normal keyboard that was full sized with full key travel. They don't sell it anymore but you can find it new on Ebay and a lot of surplus stores. I bought one and it works fine. About $30US.

Almost any PC keyboard will work, with the caveat that you will lose some special key functions, or you will have to play with add on software to get them back. That being said, I use an old 1991 IBM keyboard that is full sized and really clacks when I type. It has a PS2 connector jumpered through a USB adapter. The touch and feel is worth having to remap the Option and Control keys - which I seldom use anyway. Plus, it has a lifetime of about 200 years.

If you use a PC keyboard, the first time you boot up, OSX will tell you that it isn't recognized, but will immediately allow you to identify it by hitting certain keys.
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