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I've been using Time Machine to back up my 1 TB hard drive, which is about 75% full. I use a 1.5 TB HD as my backup.

What I'm wondering is if anyone has had any experience actually relying on Time Machine to recover all their files after a HD crash. In the event of a crash, I want to be able to buy a new Mac, plug in my 1.5 TB backup drive, and restore my HD to what it was before the crash, with all the files, programs, etc.

My friend said that Time Machine is good for retrieving, say, a file that he accidentally deleted. But is it good for my purposes as well, or should I be doing something different. Manually backing up my data by doing compares and copying over changed files periodically is another option, but is certainly alot more work than letting TM do it's thing.

Any comments?
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