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Originally Posted by fgib57 View Post
Nope - no discs.... but I biught this off a private seller on ebay (not someone who sells loads comps - he just was selling this one - his own previous machine).

Are discs always included and necessary?
For future reference any time you buy a used Mac, one of the things you should always ask or look for are the original discs. You can live without them if you have or bought another Mac OS X retail disc.

The problem with not having the original discs is that you won't get the applications that were included when the computer was originally bought. That's also not a big issue unless you payed for extra software from Apple. You didn't say which OS version you have but the other issue is that if you like any older versions of Mac OS X then it will be pretty hard to get them now. I'm assuming your Mac is an Intel Mac and not a PowerPC Mac. PowerPC Macs can only go as high as Leopard (10.5) so what I just said would be a big issue if you had a PowerPC. Snow Leopard (10.6) is the current Mac OS and it doesn't work on PowerPCs.

You really should contact the seller and see if you can get those discs but if he didn't include them in the first place then he probably has lost them. The other option for you is to buy a retail copy of Mac OS X. Mac OS X doesn't have a separate disc for hardware drivers like Windows computers which is why it's not the end of the world if you don't have the original discs but you should have at least a retail Mac OS X disc in case you ever need to reinstall your OS and there are other reasons too.
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