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Sry, it was late at night and maybe i wasnt typing correctly. It is a MacBook, not a MacBook Pro.
I updated my graphic card driver on my windows side. (Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family) I was having a major problem after a recent windows update and it would get blue screens after about 10 mins of playing a game. I was then told my graphic driver was out of date, so i had to look it and and manually update it. I havnt bought anything new because the graphics are integrated so if i ever had to get a new graphic card, i would have to get a new motherboard.
My guess is that something is slowly dieing in my computer, because it seems to last shorter and shorter sessions, and im afraid its going to totally dump on me. My computer runs flawlessly though, besides all the graphic problems ive been having. Boots up fast and i very rarely get many errors.
As for that fans, it was about a month after warranty the fan(s) went out and had to buy a fan for it. I don't know if there are two fans or just one (or maybe more) but it seems at first only one was down, and now all of them dont work and no hot air blows out from the vents.
Another major problem i seem to have is my power cord for my mac. It actually gets so hot that it begins to small, and one time it actually burned my leg because i accidentally brushed against it with my leg.

If at any moment i am wrong with any of this, don't be afraid to explain to me what i did wrong lol. Im not any good at computers, but i do know how to go and google stuff to get answers, so thats what ive been doing so far. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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