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Within past year i have been having major problems with my MacBook. I bought it in early 2008 and right after my 1 year warranty i started getting a few problems. At first my internal fans stopped working and now i have to constantly have a cooler under my laptop at all times, otherwise it overheats and restarts the computer.
After about 13 months or the original buy date, my hard drive went bad. For some reason my windows part of the HD would not boot up using BootCamp, and ended up spending many hours talking to a Tech person to come to the final conclusion that my hard drive had, in fact, become unusable.
Recently, i have been having my graphic problems. I can no longer play games on my windows side. After about 20-30 min of playing anything graphicly demanding, my computer freezes and then proceeds to declare that my graphics no longer work. I have personally updated my graphic card, so there should be no problems. I still continue to occasionally get a blue screen and then a restart. Oddly enough, whenever i go to restart my computer, it begins to do the shutdown sequence and then gets a blue screen, in which it immediately shuts of and restarts.
My main question is: Has my motherboard gone bad? I seem to be having some pretty big issues on a computer that is nearly 2 years old. I would have expected Apple to make a better product for the price i paid for this thing, i was expecting it to last at least as long as my parents computer (in which they paid 500$ and currently lasting about 5 years, without a single problem).
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