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    FS: iMac G4 15" Flat Panel

    15" LCD flat panel display (perfect, no pixel defects)
    -Mac OS X 10.2
    -733 Mhz G4 Processor
    -40 GB Hard Drive
    -640 MB of RAM (128MB built in + 512MB upgrade)
    -ComboDrive (CD-RW)
    -4 USB ports (2 on the keyboard, 2 on the iMac)
    -2 Firewire ports
    -Internal microphone
    -Internal modem (56K)
    -AirPort ready
    -Bonus: Harmon-Kardon external speakers (sound very good)
    -Original white ApplePro keyboard
    -Original white ApplePro mouse
    -Original Apple Disks
    -Original Box and packing

    $750 shipped

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    just so you know, someone on another thread was looking for a 15" imac for under $800...

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    My 17" 1ghz iMac w/ superdrive is only going for $850ish on ebay, I highly doubt you'd get any more than $600 for it. Especially sense it's 733mhz and 15". Just letting you know. Try ebay, you'd get more for it.

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    Jerry Kearley
    He is right i just Brought a Imac G4\1ghz\512\60\dvdcdrw 15" for $700 just wanted you to know

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    I am interested if the price goes down. My parents want a computer at the house.

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    500 plus 50 shipping

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    That sounds reasonable.

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