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    FA 3G iPod 30GB + Marware Sportsuit Convertible

    “Why buy this iPod?” you might ask. There are many reasons why I prefer this iPod over the new 4th Generation (4G):

    -It looks a lot better. Controls are backlit, and the screen is higher quality. It’s definitely more classy and more of a luxury item.

    - It is compatible with all current iPod accessories such as voice recorders, digital camera links, FM Transmitters such as the iTrip, car chargers, and many more.

    -For me, it is easier to navigate because you do not have to use your thumb to click anything. All it takes is your index finger to press the buttons. Touch sensitive controls

    -30GB is the perfect size. The current 20GB is too small, while the 40GB is unnecessarily large.

    - 30GB allows you extra room to store personal data and transport photos (the iPod can be used as an external FireWire hard drive as well)

    -Contrary to what people say, the battery, at least in this iPod, seems fine to me. I rarely had it run out of charge. If you want extended battery life like the new iPods, this battery will do the trick.

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