The best budget headphones ever? NuForce NE-770x


First a big thank you to both NuForce and those at the Mac-Forums for making this review possible! Let’s take a look at the NuForce NE-770X dynamic in-ear headphones.   They come packaged in a basic cardboard box, encased in a fairly easy to open blister package. Nothing fancy. But what would you expect for $35? Like most in-ear headphones sold today, they also come with a cute little draw-string pouch, though in this case, a spiffy white one as opposed to the often seen black color. Nice touch. Also …

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Review: NuForce NE-600X/M


Introduction In the market for an in-ear headphone to use for my gym sessions, I got the opportunity to review the NuForce NE-600X/M and compared them to the Apple headphones that come bundled with the iPods and iPhones. Packaging & Contents The NE-600X/M, unlike other headphones I’ve bought and seen at the store comes in an easy to open plastic shell. The top cover is released by depressing the tab. While not designed to be used as permanent storage for the headphones, it does provide a convenient way of storing the …

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OS X Lion Server Part 01 – What Type of Server R2

File Sharing

Preamble This is a guide to OS X Lion and Mountain Lion Server. There are a few differences but they are not major. Some people will want to run a server on an older Mac, one that doesn’t qualify for Mountain Lion. You won’t be able to find Lion Server on the Apple store, but I can confirm that Apple will still sell you Lion and Lion Server if you call Apple sales. So let’s get started. OS X Server, the server for everyone. Well, nearly right because it is and …

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Review: CoolerMaster Gear

2012-08-28 19.01.13

Jas Pro – Stretch  Using a laptop flat on your desk isn’t the best for your posture, unless you have a secondary monitor. Using a stand can bring the screen up to a proper eye level. I’ve recently started using the Cooler Master’s Jas Pro for my MacBook Pro, and it makes a big difference. Made out of aluminum to match current Apple products, the stand is lined with soft rubber along the important edges that will touch your MacBook. The front tab holds the computer, and is plenty big to accommodate even an ancient …

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Not using Flash? You need Switch


Running your computer without Flash installed is great. No unnecessary resource hogging while browsing the web. No annoying animated web ads. Unfortunately, not everything on the web is HTML5. This is where Switch comes in. I use Safari 99% of the time until I stumble across something that is Flash content. This happens frequently when I’m browsing Kickstarter since they are still using flash for their introduction videos (this has since changed, they are now using HTML5). When this happens, I load up Chrome (it has its own self-contained Flash …

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Review: iMac Riser/Stand


  Overview Seated ergonomics is crucial to ensure that prolonged computer use doesn’t adversely affect your posture. The Apple iMac is an all-in-one computer with a base at a fixed height. The entire assembly can be tilted up or down based the table height and that of the user. One option many users employ to change the height of the iMac is to employ a VESA mount to elevate the entire display assembly. This, however, can be cumbersome to install and depending on the mount location, cumbersome to use. Product If …

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OSX Lion Server Part 03 – Getting the Router Prepared


OSX Lion Server part 03 – Getting the Router Prepared We’ve dealt with the types of server installs in part 01 of this series and the network set-up we need to have in place in part 02. Before we jump in and actually install the software there is one final stage we have to look at before we continue, and that’s router set-up. Your network router is set-up to allow common tasks like web browsing and mail traffic to come in and out. However, many potential services are blocked by default. …

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Back It Up Part 2

In part one of this series, I discussed what files to backup and what types of backups were possible. Whether you choose to archive, backup, or clone data, if you haven’t started a backup regimen, you’ll want to start one. This isn’t a review of the backup programs available for Macs. Instead, we’ll learn from mistakes I’ve made backing up data. Hopefully, you will avoid similar mistakes. Cloning Issues As you can see from the reviews, there are various options available for cloning your Mac. In fact, you can use recent versions of Disk …

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IMAP Email and Notifications: How-To


Introduction In this article we’ll look at how you can use Mountain Lion’s notification system to notify you of unread emails for any IMAP account. More specifically, we’ll look at how you can leverage Python and cron to check any email account at a specified interval, notifying you of any unread emails. Target I’m not one to limit the audience for an article since of the main purposes of this blog is to encourage you to try new things. However, this article might be better suited to those who are comfortable with the command …

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OS X Mountain Lion: The Mac-Forums Guide


Contents Preamble Upgrading through the Up-to-Date Program Prepping for the Upgrade How to Create Your Own OS X Mountain Lion Install DVD or USB Drive Good News, There’s an App That Will do it For You Do it Yourself Step by Step Create a Bootable USB Installer Create a bootable DVD Using the USB drive or DVD Upgrade/Install Process Itself Post-Install/Finishing Touches Conclusion Preamble Welcome to OS X 10.8, the ninth iteration in Apple’s OS X operating system line. Codenamed “Mountain Lion”, OS X 10.8 continues the convergence of OS …

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