Make The Most Of Spotlight


Spotlight can be a very useful tool but it can be a little daunting for a beginner. Simple math equations, file searches, launch applications; it can all be done from Spotlight. To get started, either click the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of your screen or push Command+Space on your keyboard.

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Playing YouTube Videos in VLC


For this week’s quick tip, we’ll explore one of VLC’s more “hidden” features. More specifically, you’ll learn how to play YouTube videos in said media player. This is quite simple and involves only a few steps.

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Lost Harddrive Space?


Where is my space going? I don’t know what is taking up my hard drive, please help. I have tons of “Other,” how do I delete it? My hard drive is full and I can’t find what is using it. We see these questions all the time on the forums.

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Basic Mac Troubleshooting

While Macs tend to be very reliable and require little maintenance things can sometimes go awry. This guide aims to provide some basic steps to resolving the more common problems we see at Mac-Forums. While this guide is by no means comprehensive, hopefully one of the methods below helps to get your Mac back on the right track. METHOD ONE: QUICK FIXES Restart your computer This may seem obvious, but many times we’re so used to just letting our computers sleep when we’re not using them, we don’t think much …

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Review: Sparrow


A shiny new Mail client for OS X has been making the rounds recently — Sparrow for Mac. Sparrow first caught a lot of attention last year when the initial public beta was released. I have to admit, I was quite skeptical after a first look: it seemed like a weird rip-off of Tweetie for Mac combined with everything I disliked about the Gmail web interface. But the final 1.0 release has really won me over. Sparrow gets rid of the visual clutter caused by lists of folders, unread count badges …

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Apple, Music and iTunes

If you ask someone what has made Apple so successful in the first decade of this century, you may get a lot of responses saying the iPhone.  That may be true, but, the iPhone is only part of the story.  The predecessor of it all, are iTunes and the iPod.  Sure, Apple was not the first IT company to enter the music market.  Sony began a long time ago with the Walkman along with many others.  One could argue Apple’s doings have had a bigger impact on the way people …

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Review: Dropbox Part 1


Many Mac users are increasingly looking for easy ways to sync, share, and back-up important files in the cloud. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to all of those needs, Dropbox. Dropbox allows automatic background syncing and backup between any device on which you’ve installed the Dropbox application as well as on the website. This gives you a worry-free way to ensure the latest version of your file is on all of your devices and you have a secure back-up on the Internet. Dropbox offers 2GB of storage for free in …

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Review: Things – a stylish task management app for OS X

Things, a task-management application for OS X, debuted this year at Macworld after a lengthy public beta. Despite being Cultured Code‘s first foray into the world of task management apps, Things is an extremely polished, attractive app – but does it actually make you more productive? UI & Design Cultured Code really nailed the visual presentation of Things: The UI is very “mac-like” and looks very nice. Features are easy to discover and UI elements are easily identified. The list view Things uses to display your tasks feels as though …

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