View Full Version : New Macbook (XP)

03-03-2008, 04:29 PM
Yep .. This weekend I've been playing with my sons new 2,4 Ghz .250 Gig HD black MB.

I installed VM fusion and Windows XP Home with a MS office package I have. My son can now run his Dyslexsia support apps (Windows only) on the MB.

I must say that VM fusion really makes things easy. I've never installed windows on anything before. It was really easy doing it the VM wizard way. It's a wonderful software that does what it says on the packet

The freaky thing is in full screen mode It's just like being at work... :D :D

Enough of this foolishness. My son is one happy camper and is now the Coolest in class.

Only one minus point Apple... You don't get a remote with your MB anymore :Angry: :Angry: .. Still can't have everything I suppose :Smirk: