View Full Version : Is Guest Network a Risk?

12-03-2017, 10:17 PM
I am curious as to ways you handle guest networks, in a home environment.

I have used Airport Extreme (both the most recent , silo shaped device, and the previous flat shape),
to control my home network. I enforce physical security rigorously, and
I do not allow anyone to know the main WIFI pass word.

But I also provide a guest network for visitors, with the password provided to any visitor.
I have 10 to 15 users of the guest network on a weekly basis.
(14 year old girl's friends, as well as a gamer son running a 12-15 participant D & D)

None of the visitors appear to be terrorists,
but I am interested in how large an opening a guest network provides to a plotter?

Changing that password is a bit of a PITA for all concerned. I would rather leave it asis.

I am interested in other steps I might take to further secure my main network,
without shutting down the guest net. Gamers in the basement using WIFI calling are
less obtrusive than a constant stream of them coming up to "get bars".

Am I opening up my network too much? I really am NOT paranoid.


12-04-2017, 02:37 AM
I don't thinks so, personally. I don't have teens at home anymore, but I do have a guest network and all my children and grands have the code for it. Christmas is chaos with all of them on at once!