View Full Version : How to increase Windows XP disk size in Fusion?

02-08-2010, 03:31 PM
I am running Windows XP in Fusion to use Outlook, Office and other tools at work. I had started with 20GB but have only some free space left now and want to increase the size of the disk. I have also been taking snapshots regularly as a precaution. I did a Google search and found lots of advice but the steps seem complicated. Do you have any practical advice for a mere mortal to get this done easily?


02-08-2010, 03:32 PM
I take it you set up a static disk size when you created the virtual machine? The default is a dynamic disk, which will grow as your needs do.

02-09-2010, 01:08 AM
Since I had no prior experience with this beastie, I tought I would restrict it to a large enough size. I had not imagined I would use up as much space using Windows.

02-09-2010, 07:53 AM
With the virtual machine powered down, go into it's settings and look at the hard disks. It should look like this:


Do you not have the slider to increase space?