View Full Version : Bootcamp update (30th of Jan 2010) Graphics fail!!! HEEELP!

01-29-2010, 08:18 PM
Hey, did anybody else install the bootcamp update and have graphics errors?

I am running 32bit Winows XP on my Late 2009 17inch MBP, i use it to play games and videos, etc. I noiced that i couldn't play videos properly after the update, and some graphical isues. I havn't tried playing a game yet, but i know it will just LAG LIKE ****! There was also a "New Hardware Found" pop-up to try to install a VGA adapter or something (I know "VGA" was in there somewhere), but it failed to install twice!

Plz help!


01-29-2010, 09:09 PM
OK, i fixed it, geez, i'm such a nub.

What happened was that the bootcamp update (for some ludicrous reason) uninstalled my nvidia graphics drivers!!! >:(

Simple Fix: Go to the website of your graphics manufacturer and re-download ind install ur drivers!

sorry for being a noob.

It wa just that i posted this before doing anything else. :s

02-03-2010, 07:14 AM

On any of the newer MBP, that have Nvidia Chipset 9400m and Graphics 9600m GT, you can simply go to Welcome to NVIDIA - World Leader in Visual Computing Technologies (http://www.nvidia.com), do the driver download (let the website select the driver for you), install it, you will be fine. Will also work for any I-MAC with the GT120 or GT130. My I-MAC is running the latest Nvidia drivers... Bootcamp 2.2 does not mind at all...

Just before you exe. the update, close everything, all aps. as during the setup the chipset driver gets also updated and nearly all the aps will crash... just don't panick... keep saying "YES"... and be patient. Make sure that under XP you close these aps if you have em. "Bestcrypt, Ghost, MSN, Macdrive." It will reboot... be patient... takes some time, keep saying "YES".

After the update, under XP you will enjoy the latest Nvidia driver, much never then the Bootcamp driver, so under XP you will get Phys-X. After the install, go back to Nvidia, update the Phys-X driver. Reboot again. All set.


P.S. Always backup your files before you do Graphics driver update under Bootcamp! It could go wrong!