View Full Version : DVR software

01-22-2010, 05:59 PM
Does anyone know where any working stuff can be found? I've been trying to set something up for my boss, and across 3 computers and 2 different cards, plus 3 different versions of Windows, I've not been able to get anything to work.

The card we want to use is a DVR/CCTV card running an Saa713x chipset. It has four BNC connectors for inputs and one RCA for output.

We want to run this on Windows 7, since all the computers in the shop have it. We have 3 cameras to hook up. No software I've tried will see any local cameras, and most don't even see the card. We aren't gonna shell out money to try programs if they aren't going to work. The software that came with the card runs a server/client setup, but trying to start the server part always nets you a "Runtime Error"

Anyone know of anything that works?