View Full Version : broke down and tried bootcamp, no success

01-05-2010, 03:17 PM
Ok, so i decided to use bootcamp to install windows xp, and after partitioning my drive with it, i have this issue i keep getting. it only shows one partition available which is 136,000 MB, but i have never partitioned a space this size, the one i made in bootcamp was only 45 GB. my mac osx partiton is 455,000 MB anyways so it shouldnt be that either, and when i installed xp on the partition it deleted my mac osx partition and left me with just xp. now after reinstalling mac i retried installing xp with bootcamp like i keep getting advised to do, and it is still comming up with only one partition that is 36,000 MB. :Shouting: Any help as to making a partition my windows will actually find? where is this "ghost" partition comming from?