View Full Version : Ubuntu 9.10 woes

01-04-2010, 01:46 PM
Hello everyone, I'm short on time so I'll give you details and you can try to solve this. Thanks in advance!

Tried to install Ubuntu 9.10 by following instructions for 8.10 through bootcamp. final step (repairing master boot record through refit) failed miserably. Now, I'm missing about 34G of hard drive space that bootcamp took up. Both drives are unmounted and wont mount. Here's the kicker though: When I try to repartition my drive through disk utility (even when booting off install disc), I get this error message:

Disk Utility has lost its connection with the Disk Management Tool and cannot continue. Please quit and relaunch Disk Utility.

And apparently even the disk utility on the install disk had the problem too. attached/included are screen shots.

01-08-2010, 05:33 AM
Hello Friends.
The Ubuntu Linux is a very Good Operating System for all, ubuntu a open source software is easy to install and creates a good user friendly environment to work with that tool.this is the only software where can access the windows files without any mounting device as such many Linux OS requires. Its main Advantages are :-
1) Easy to Use
2) No more Virus will affect your computer.
3)Use of "wine" software we can install other platform.