View Full Version : XP and the Magic Mouse

12-26-2009, 11:23 PM
My new IMac came with the new wireless mouse and at first glance it seemed to be unusable. But after an hour or so, I got used to having no visible buttons or wheels and came to like it.

But, when used with XP, either with Parallels or Bootcamp it has a major hesitation problem. When XP starts up, the mouse cursor is frozen in the middle of the screen. Clicking and moving the mouse will free it up in a few seconds. But if the mouse isn't used for several seconds or more, it will go back to "sleep" and will require a few more seconds to wake up. The problem is much more evident with Bootcamp than with Parallels.

It isn't too much of a problem with normal applications, but is a total show stopper with interactive games where a frozen mouse for a few seconds can lose the game.

The problem goes away with a wired mouse, and a logitech wireless mouse with it's own USB sender works ok also.

Anybody else notice this?