View Full Version : How to change from WPA to WEP for internet tv

12-13-2009, 10:03 AM
I have a Time Capsule which is set to WPA security - which I know is preferable to WEP. I have a Samsung TV which has Internet TV capability through a USB port for a wireless lan adapter Samsung sells. I can't get the adapter/tv to connect to the network and, from looking at the user manual, it appears that the internet tv (and adapter) only work with WEP security -- not WPA.

3 questions I would greatly appreciate answers to:

1. When I set up the time capsule it automatically set up a primary network and a "guest network" which allows guests to access the internet but does not allow sharing with other computers. Can I set up the guest network to use WEP (while my primary network remains on WPA? If so, how?

2. If not, can I change all of my network settings on Time Capsule from WPA to WEP? If so, how?

3. If not, what can I do?


p.s. I know some folks use a router with the time capsule. I do not.