View Full Version : I need help finding a classic arcade mac apple game of the 80's!!

03-29-2008, 09:18 PM
Hello everyone,

When I was five I used to play a very old black and white arcade-ish Mac/Apple game on my father's university "computer" (before PC's was mainstream.. btw I am also a PC user today but this forum seemed more likely to give me the help I need..) I forgot the name of the game except it had sound effects (I think) and it kept high scores and the nature of the game was the player is a tank (or anti aircraft thingamobob) and the task is to shoot down all the incoming aircraft from above (the player was located on the ground to the left hand side I think.. and the planes are high above coming from the right hand side towards the player)

It has been 20 years since I last played this game...

Basically I want to find that game again, and I want to get a Mac Emulator so I can play it on my PC again...

Can anyone help me find the exact name of the game and how I can get a Mac Emulator to work? And how I can get the ROM of that classic (abandonware) arcade MAC/APPLE game???

Please help! I have tried on my own for quite a while but no success!