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Thread: skipping through a recorded event

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    skipping through a recorded event
    Is there a better way?

    When playing, I hit the center of the "big button" on the remote, which freezes the playback. Then I swipe to the right and hit the button again. Sometimes it works, but not consistently.

    For shorter "skips" I hit the right side of that button. It eventually skips about 10 seconds, but with the delay, it's only 6 or 7 seconds. And, again, it doesn't work every time.

    Apple needs to develop a better remote that works more like a DVR. Or is the problem with the content provider, in my case,

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    Your tap and swipe is how I do it, but for me it's pretty consistent. I haven't tried the second method. And the inconsistency could be I found it erratic sometimes.

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