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    ATVs on Network
    I am pretty sure I know the answer to the question. I will ask it any ways.

    Is there any software or utility that finds Apple TVs on a network? When you have a lot of ATVs in a building, it would be helpful to know some details of each ATV such as name/location, model, firmware version, etc... All of the ATVs are joined to one Wifi and I am looking to get some basic information on each one. Unfortunately, I can do it the old fashion way and go to each room to collect the information. It would be easier if there was software or a utility to do the work for me. It would be helpful if there was something similar to Apple Remote Desktop but made for Apple TVs or if ARD found ATVs on network.

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    An iPhone / iPad will discover Apple TV's via the AirPlay Mirroring option, but that's only going to tell you the configured name.

    You would need to use a network mapping tool that is able to determine that it's an Apple device based on the hardware address. It may also be able to give you additional details depending on how much information the TV will "cough up" from standard probing.
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