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    Is .mac getting a major overhaul at WWDC?
    One of the things I was really happy to hear in the Jobs/Gates interview at D5 was Jobs indicating that .mac has been neglected by Apple and they plan to "make up for lost time in the near future". Do you think we could see a major improvement in .mac at WWDC, or is "near future" more likely up to a year away?
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    I'd love a WWDC .Mac update. It'd be a good reason to renew my subscription- something I've been thinking long and hard about.
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    I have to say I love my .Mac account. When ever I've been away, it just makes life so much easier to be able to access my mail, bookmarks etc. Kind of off thread I know but...

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    Well heres my wishlist.... More Space? A way to compare whats on tyhe iDisk compared to the synced mac. ie Versions of files etc.... Oh, and upping the max size of mail attatchments to more than 10mb.....

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    When I watched that video I was thinking the exact same thing! I hope they do so when I get a mac again it'll be even sweeter.
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    My bet is "no". The reason I think that is because Apple had to pull programmers from their new OS to finish phone (causing a delay in Leopard). I wouldn't think they've had enough programmers to be working on an update for .mac.

    Again, that's just my thought. Maybe instead they'll release the info for what to expect in the new .mac to keep people interested and knowing that an update will come?

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    Aside from lowering the price, I'm curious to see how they're going to add value to the subscription. I just couldn't see spending $99/year on services that can be had for free elsewhere.
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    the .Mac videos on the site talk about you having an iBook or PowerMac G5...UPDATE PLZ???

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    I just let my subscription to .Mac lapse. After a year, I found that I didn't use it enough to make it worth $99 per year. If they come up with some better features, I might try it again.

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