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    Post Third-gen iPad reportedly shows inaccurate battery level while charging
    Third-gen iPad reportedly shows inaccurate battery level while charging

    A report alleges that the third-generation iPad continues to draw a significant amount of wattage after displaying a "100%" battery level, and claims that the device actually finishes the charging cycle some two hours after "prematurely reporting" a full charge.

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    Possibly when it is on and charging, the 80% "fast" charge is displayed as 100%. If it is off it may be more accurate.

    I think devices do this anyway, my iPod classic has a low battery, if you plug it in for only like 30 Min. and unplug it, typically shows half or more though I don't believe it. People don't usually drain batteries all the way, but if it looks threatening they become more conservative with the use.

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    Wouldn't be surprised considering the 4s battery is so messed up. Sometimes after charging it all night it only says 97%.

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    My Blackberry Playbook only says up to 99% sometimes 98% plugged in, it has to be on for it to charge.

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