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    question of Macbook sleep function

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    Question question of Macbook sleep function
    I just got a white Macbook.
    When I closed the Macbook, it swiched to sleep and the indicator light star flash. After several hours, I can hear a sound from the macbook and it looks that the macbook is waked up. The indicator light now is on instead of flasing. 5-10 seconds later, it swiched to sleep again. This will happen again later.
    I dont konw what is wrong with it and need some help. I am still in the 14 days to replace it. I ordered it online and whether I can go to local store to replace it?

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    question of Macbook sleep function
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    Mine did that shortly after I bought it. I found out, though, by putting it to sleep one night with 100% battery and the next morning finding it warm, and unresponsive until I plugged it in to find it at only 7% battery. Also it would wake up when in my bag. Not good.

    I have AppleCare, so I called tech support, and they walked me through an SMC reset, and that fixed it. Sleeps fine now with no wakening unless I open it up. Give it a try.

    You'll know quickly if it worked. Also, when I sleep it I make sure I have all bluetooth accessories turned off before closing the lid, and check for a 'breathing' light before picking it up and taking it somewhere.

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