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    Shuts down without warning
    I used to get a "battery running on reserve power" or some kind of notice when the battery was down to within 10 mins of going dead.

    Lately, when I am in the middle of something, without warning, my Macbook shuts down and I have to re-start. The battery is only lasting a short amount of time as well. And it's not that old! I have been, from the start, keeping the unit plugged in, but also using the battery and letting it run all the way down before re-charging. I haven't just had it hooked up to AC power all the time.

    Anyone else having similar issues? Is it a bum battery?
    But what about the lack of warning when going dead??

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    Shuts down without warning

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    Looks like mine is a recall.

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    Shuts down without warning
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristina
    Looks like mine is a recall.

    I must also say that Apple is really fast. I filled out my claim on a Saturday afternoon and got the new battery on that following Monday.

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