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    Play in Case causing squeak near fn key
    The case/cover on my macbook has some play and makes a squeak when depressed/pushed. I have never taken anything apart and it only really caught my attention tonight (dead quite lakeside). It seems worst if I press down 1" under the fn key and moves 1/16 or so of an inch making an awful plastic rubbing sound (not really a squeak per se but I hope you understand what I'm saying).

    I wanted to know if others have any movement and what if any steps I should take. I always like to have a heads up before heading into the store... the last thing I want is to be told that "it is within specification to allow for expansion when your laptop heats to scolding temperatures ( :blind: )"

    Cheers and thanks,


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    If you want to try fixing it yourself, RadTech sells a $20 maintenance kit that includes 2ml of Syndrol HD metal conditioner, which "quiets noisy, creaking display hinges, while reducing friction and smoothing rotation":
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    Take it in, that's not normal and no other macbooks I've seen do this...

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    Definately take it in, they have had very minimal problems like this, I read about them before I bought my Macbook. Some will have the LCD casing/frame peel off, and some have what you have, a loose corner, and it gives and creates noises when depressed. Take it in, they should fix it no questions asked, since it is a known problem to them.

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    I've also found there to be some play in the top left of the LCD frame/cover. As soon as I return from vacation I'll bring it in. Hopefully all goes well.

    thanks again,


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