Hi Everyone,
As much as was exited about the arrival of the new MacBook, I am now worried. I am using my Laptop as an external Plugin Host for a musical production and when I tried to swap out my old MacBook Pro 2012 for the new one I experienced some terrible cracking and devastating sound break up. Today reconstructing the incident I realized this only happens when the sound producing application is not the one on top / the the actually selected one. So far this happens quite reliably after a while in QLab and LiveProffesor, I have not tried iTunes yet. On my old MacBook same software worked fine. The CPU (actual DSP) meter shows high spikes in one app whenever it is in the background, iStat however does not show a high CPU usage, especially not in the 2nd to 4th cores. Does anyone have an idea what causes this? Your help would be very much appreciated as I need this MacBook for the shows.
To make things worse, having avoided to use either application when in the background, one Application still crackles a little from time to time, as if the CPU power was not enough. How could this be if my old MBP did this just alright?

thank you so much

sincerly Lukas


MacBook Pro 2018 13', i7 2,7 ghz QuadCore, 16gb Ram, High Sierra 10.13.6
Applications: LiveProfessor 2.2.2, QLab 4.1.1,
Focusrite PCIe RedNet Card

old MBP:
MacBook 2012 13', i7 2,9 ghz DuoCore, 8gb Ram, High Sierra 10.13.5
same Sound Device and Applications)