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Thread: can I connect L-tip power cord from old macbookPRO to 2017 AIR with an adaptor?

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    can I connect L-tip power cord from old macbookPRO to 2017 AIR with an adaptor?
    I have a new 2017 macbook air with the new power tip, (not L-tip) but I have my power cord from my previous macbook pro - the one with the L tip .

    Is there any way to adapt the L-tip so it works on the new macbook air? or is the amount of power wrong, too?

    thanks so much

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    I'm not sure what an L-tip is. The MBP uses a higher wattage (90w) charger than the Air (65w) and as long as the connector is compatible you can use a higher charger with the Air, it's usually going the other way that's the issue.

    The MBA still uses the magsafe power connector as opposed to the latest Macbook and Macbook Pro's that have switched to the USB-C connector.

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