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Thread: Vertical Line on Macbook Pro Screen

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    Vertical Line on Macbook Pro Screen
    I have problem with my Macbook Pro's screen. I wasn't able to use my mac for 2 weeks and when I turned it 2inch on a vertical line appeared on the screen. I tried clearing the PRAM several times but I can't get rid of the vertical line.

    Have somebody encountered the same problem? What fix should be applied. Thank you.


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    You can try two things:

    1. Connect an external monitor...and see if the verticle band remains. If it doesn't...then the problem could be an issue with the MacBook Pro's display or display cable. If it does show up on the external display...then it may be a logic board issue/GPU issue.

    2. Connect an external HD with a fresh install of the OS on it...then boot the computer from the external HD. If the band goes away...could be a software issue on the internal drive...if it doesn't go away...then very likely a hardware issue (as I described in part 1).

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    that looks like a bad case of image retention which is normally a problem with the GPU,

    it could be a faulty display panel as well or a display cable but I would suspect that its the GPU,

    as its retaining most of the information of what you viewed last,

    let us know how you get on with an external display
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