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Thread: Static Pop?

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    Static Pop?
    So I purchased a new 2017 MacBook Pro 13" (without the touch bar) in early September last month.

    After setting it all up I began hearing this weird noise. Almost like the sound you hear when you get a static shock. A quick little zap. It would come at random times... maybe once every half hour. Sometimes it would be hours before it happened again. Completely random. And it always sounded like it was coming from either the left or right speaker. Not a loud sound, pretty faint, but a distinct static shock sound.

    I know the 15" Pro users have had something similar, and I've watched the videos on those sounds, and this is not the same sound I am experiencing.

    Now, nothing was technically wrong with the unit, it worked great. But being someone with anxiety, this was not helping things. Sitting, wondering when it would happen next. And it was inconsistent with what I was doing. Sometimes it would happen while writing an email, watching a video, surfing the web. Completely unrelated.

    So, I swapped it out for a new one today. Same model. And it's still happening.

    I guess my question is - does anyone else experience this? It must have something to do with a piece of hardware in the new machines because the chances of me getting this fluke twice in a row is pretty rare I think.

    I can't seem to find any articles or threads on this yet. I've only seen the threads about the 15" popping noise.

    EDIT: Here is a video of the pop. If you read the comments it seems to be an issue with others as well.

    EDIT: another video with an example.

    Here is the website with another thread.

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    One question.

    What did the Apple Store say when you took it back?
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    I don't have an Apple Store here... I purchased online and had it shipped. I didn't go into specifics when I asked for a replacement. I just said technical issues and said it was a "static pop" sound coming from speakers. She said "oh... ok".

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