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    Camera lag on certain websites

    I am new to the forum and apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place. I've spent all night researching this issue and can't seem to find anything that helps.

    My sister just gifted me a mid 2011 MacBook Air. I think she wiped it and reinstalled the software because I was waiting for updates before I left her house.

    The camera on FaceTime works just fine. However, I work for a company where I teach children in china through a web portal and the camera lags when on the website. This does NOT happen with my other MacBook Air, so it can't be an issue with their portal. I've tried using different browsers also. It's so confusing.

    Any ideas? If you need more information, let me know. I'm not the most tech savvy person but I can research.


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    What operating nsystem and how much memory is installed?

    A mid 2011 MBA is showing its age, particuarly as some models that byear came with only 4GB of memory which cannot be upgraded, and to compound this graphics use 384MB of memory shared from that 4GB main memory which severely limits things.
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    It does have the 4GB main memory but I have nothing else on the computer as I just got it. I don't plan to put anything on it either because I just wanted to use it for work but in order to do that, I can't have a laggy camera. I wonder if an external camera would be an option?

    It says it's OS X Yosemite
    Version 10.10.5
    Processor: 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory: 4GB 1333MZh ddr3

    It just doesn't make sense that the camera works totally fine on FaceTime but not this website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbur View Post
    Memory: 4GB 1333MZh ddr3

    It just doesn't make sense that the camera works totally fine on FaceTime but not this website.
    You're right. If the FaceTime camera is working on one Mac and not working on the other it's probably not the camera or site.

    What are the specs of the Mac that works well with the site?

    Try creating a new user account on the Mac where things are not working. Now try the camera in both FaceTime and logging into the web portal as usual. If the camera works well in the new account that suggests there is something on your old user account causing an issue. It may take some effort to work that out.
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    Thanks for responding.

    The specs on the working Mac are:

    OS X El Capitan
    Version 10.11.3
    MacBook Air 13 (early 2015)
    Processor: 1.6 GHz intel core i5
    Memory: 4GB 1600 MHz ddr3

    I Ann returning the working Mac back to my old employer today.

    I will try the new account and post back.

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    Aug 12, 2017
    It did not work

    Do you think the Apple Store would help me at this point? Or no because the computer is too old?

    Not sure what other route to try. My brother in law is going to give me an external cam to try out but he doesn't think that will fix the problem. He thinks it's some type of connection issue.

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