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    Force quit the norm for 2011 MBP
    Hi all,

    I have an early 2011 2 GHZ Intel Core i7 15" MBP with 500 GB HD and 4 GB memory. I have 396 GB of HD free. It has been very pokey and lagging. I don't have many apps open at a time and I don't do graphic design, gaming or music/film editing, so it's not under a heavy load. I have to force quit iPhoto and iTunes often, and the Microsoft Office suite is always a hellacious nightmare. I know the Office 2011 programs for Mac are quite buggy, but I have to to force quit EVERY time. I am a grad student who writes a lot of manuscripts and it's very frustrating to have these and other programs unresponsive most of the time.

    I repaired permissions and ran "Maintenance". It's still acting up. I'm thinking I need to take it in. The closest Apple store is 3 hours away so I might need to take it to the nearest Apple Authorized repair shop.

    I just wanted some insight as to what might be going on. I have owned Macs for over 12 years and while I like this computer, it shouldn't be acting like my 2007 iMac (that has 1 GB memory).

    Thanks in advance! Sorry if I'm long winded.

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    Sounds like you have done quite a bit already troubleshooting this problem. There only one thing I can suggest...try downloading & running the "automated" process's.

    If this doesn't help...then from what you may have a "flakey" hard drive, and need to have Apple look at it.

    Good luck,

    - Nick
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    Thanks for the prompt response, Nick. I will try what you suggested. I really hope it isn't the hard drive. It's practically new and I baby it. Hopefully it can be remedied

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    Gosh... the more I read about the problems with early 2011 MBPs hard freezing, the more paranoid I am getting. There are a plethora of pages.. 100's... reporting the same exact problems I am having. Most people only find relief if there whole computer is replaced.

    As I said earlier, I can't get it to an Apple store anytime soon (too far), so hopefully an Apple Certified repair shop can help out. I will update what I find out.

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    Why use MS Office?
    Why not Pages? I have absolutely no problems with Pages (after using MS Office since it was first written). You may save in Office format or open Office files when/if you wish.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    I think I can count the # of times I've had to force quit an app on my 11 mbp on a single hand in the ~year I've owned it. I'd say something's not right. One things for certain on Internet bulletin boards, you'll only hear from people with problems.
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    Thanks to everyone for the assistance. Wolfpuppies3, I do have iWork and even that is a nuisance, although not as much as Office. I talked to the Apple certified repair people in town and they believe I have a failing HD (as Nick above suggested), as well as faulty fans/thermal paste application (My CPU/GPU gets over 75C/167 F when I'm just checking my e-mail and nothing else!!).

    Thanks again to you all for the help and I hope to get this resolved.

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