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    change macbook pro 17 (ealy 2008) bottom case

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    Feb 28, 2012
    change macbook pro 17 (ealy 2008) bottom case

    I’m a proud owner of a macbook pro 17’ (early 2008). Recently he drops from my hands, hit a stair’s corner and got a big dent in the bottom case.

    So now I’m looking around for a used bottom case to install in my MBP. Yesterday I found a good one in ebay at a good price.

    The problem is that the case is for a MacBook Pro 17" A1229 and mine’s is a MacBook Pro 17" A1261 (EMC 2199). The photograph of the used case looks exactly as mine’s.

    I don’t know if it fits...

    Do you have some expertise about this? Can I bought it?

    All the best and thanks in advance!


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    change macbook pro 17 (ealy 2008) bottom case
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    I wouldn't buy it. Only buy an exact bottom case for your model. I don't know if that one would fit or not but it's not worth taking the chance especially buying from eBay.

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    change macbook pro 17 (ealy 2008) bottom case
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    if you can return it..............
    If you can return it, go for it!

    EDIT: Link please.
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