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    Connect MacBook to TV

    Currently trying to connect a MacBook to a Sanyo CE28WN5-B television, using: an Apple Mini DVI to video adaptor, connected to a yellow ended RCA video lead, which is connected in turn to the yellow video input in the television.

    Macbook is not detecting the display, have tried all the AV channels, tinkering with the screen resolution settings in the Displays control panel on the MacBook, but no joy.

    The Mini DVI Video port on the mac is ok as I connected it to an external monitor and it was fine. Just can't get it to work with the TV. All suggestions gratefully received.

    Many thanks!

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    Sorry, but if you have an early '09 model or newer - the Apple "video adapter" will not work on your Mac. You will need a converter in order to get an analog composite or S-Video output.

    You can have a read through here - posts # 7 & 15.
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    Ah. Many thanks for the info, I'll look into getting a converter.

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