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    dropped macbook - cannot move

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    dropped macbook - cannot move
    My cat knocked my macbook off my desk. I cannot move or shut it without the macbook shutting off and beeping until I remove the battery (which I have to do with a screwdriver since the fall broke the twist-lock button off).

    Whenever I remove and replace the battery, I can turn the macbook on and use it like normal, but if I shut it or move it at all, it'll shut down and beep all over again.

    Did I damage that thing that senses falls and protects the HD or whatever? Is this something I can fix and/or replace on my own, so I need a professional, or do I need a new laptop?

    My model is a 2007 white macbook, from what I can gather. My friend gave me this macbook when he bought a Pro.

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    dropped macbook - cannot move
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    Below is a helpful site for repair information.

    MacBook Repair - iFixit

    Hope you can get it fixed.
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