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    Help with Mac
    So, I've had this MBP for about 2 years. For most of the time I've had it I've had serious issues with the wifi on it. I've done searches, and tried everything. It's been repaired twice at this point.

    And really Apple's customer service keeps getting worse so at this point I really just want to get out from under the darned thing. I'm so fed up with Apple and their products that I'm not sure right now that I would ever purchase anything else the produce.

    So really my question is, what is a fair price to ask for it?

    It's a MacBook Pro 4,1, serial #W88520EP3R8, but Apple doesn't even HAVE the technical specs on their website anymore.

    Roughly though, it's a 17 inch MBP, 320 GB HD, 4GB RAM, 512VRAM Video Card, 2.5 GHz processor.

    Everything, excepting the replaced airport card, is as it came from the factory. I'd put it in very good used condition with light wear on the the aluminum casing - missing one of the little plastic feet. I have the original box, paperwork, Apple remote and the upgrade CD for Snow Leopard.

    Any help would be appreciated, I'm just incredibly frustrated this was my first, and last, Macintosh product and it's worked WORSE than any other laptop I've ever owned.

    Thank you,

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    Go here to find out how much it's worth.

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