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    Question Powerbook G4 Conf
    My college comp store sells PowerBook G4 for $1780

    12.1 inch TFT Display 1024x768 resolution
    1.5GHz PowerPC G4
    1.256GB DDR333(256MB built-in + 1GB SO-DIMM)
    60GB Ultra ATA drive @5400rpm
    Nvidia Geforce FX GO5200 (64MB DDR)
    AirPort Extreme Card
    Combo Drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
    FireWire 400
    Full size keyboard
    4.6 lbs

    I've never used apple before so I don't know if these configurations are good or not. 1.5GHz? Is that slow? I don't know how the screen looks.

    To be honest, I have two options at hand, first one is the apple, second one is Dell 700m, which is merely 4.1 lbs, 12.1 inch Wide Screen Crystal Clear XGA display. It's $300 cheaper than apple. I can't decide between the two. I would love any suggestions and advice you could give. Since I'm going to carry it all the time with me, weight is an important issue.
    Thank you!

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    Biturbo V12 AMG
    Are you positive its the 12 inch for 1700? cuse you can buy a new 12inch with the same specs for about 1600 on apples site with the education discount. speed wise 1.5ghz is really really fast in mac terms for a laptop. i wouldn't recommend getting a Dell but if you must get a PC look at Hp or IBM. i made the horrid mistake to buy a dell and it was nothing but trouble. i would recommend you go check out the apple store for education on the apple site. if you get extra software or apple care in the price for the one the school offers go for it just make sure it has tiger pre installed.

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    yeah, but it includes apple care and some softwares.

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    One thing I notice is that it does have upgraded RAM from the stock model so that is what is putting the price above the usual costs for a new one. You could probably save yourself a few bucks by buying and installing the 1 gig stick yourself.

    I bought the same machine last week, except for the memory upgrade, from the Apple site as a refurb unit for $1300. If I added memory from a site like that would only put it up to $1450 or so.

    You can do better on price.

    (Just read your follow-up.)

    If that includes the "extended" Apple Care and the upgraded memory and significant extra software...(check out the Apple site to see what comes with the PowerBook already)...then that's not a bad price.

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    The system looks excellent. i would recommend you pay the extra money for the Superdrive! Burning DVD is a joy when you have large files.

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    they changed it. new conf:

    1.5 ghz 12"
    768 mb ram
    80gb drive
    super drive
    airport wireless built in
    kensington lock
    4 year extended warranty


    Is that too much?
    Also, I've heard these machines get too hot and they are very slow. Is that true? Does the keyboard leave marks on the screen?
    thanks guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shirley-
    Also, I've heard these machines get too hot and they are very slow. Is that true? Does the keyboard leave marks on the screen?
    thanks guys
    Yes, they get quite hot when used a lot. No, 1.5GHz G4 is very fast. If you're concerned about the keyboard, you can buy protectors for them.

    If you're unsure about the powerbook, try one out, its best to find out how they perform for you instead of taking someone else's advice over it.

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