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    lactose intolerant mbp needs a need graphics card
    so i spilled milk on my mbp, and i didnt realize i did it until i heard it whining. So now the graphics card is trashed. Im looking to get a new card and i need some advice. Ive built computers before, but never a mac, so im sorta starting from square one. I need some help deciding on a card, as ive had this comp for a while, and ive kinda fell outta the loop on hardware, and having never built a mac, or a laptop for that matter im even more unsure. Im looking for a card more geared towards gaming, as i play wow on it, but wow isnt the most graphics demanding game, so i dont need anything to brake the bank, but at the same time, more is always better. really need some help as im in college and have a report saved on it, and i need to fix my computer to print it out.

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    Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but the GPU in the MBP is soldered fast to the logic board. You can't just replace the card as you could in a desktop, the entire logic board ($700+) must be swapped out.

    You should be able to remove the hard drive and connect it to another Mac to retrieve your data. If you need more detail on that, let me know.

    Good luck.
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    ha! i was wondering why the macstore quoted me so high! well thanks for the prompt answer, if my mother has a mb, could i connect my hd to her comp to get it? also where can i get one of those logic boards?

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    There's WeLoveMacs, EBay, and so on. If you have a really small cross-head screwdriver handy, you can take out the lactose-intolerant MBP's hard drive and put it in a USB enclosure for data recovery purposes.

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