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    Macbook Pro Stream to Xbox Problem
    Hey guys, like the title states, I have a problem streaming movies from my MBP to my xbox360. Here's a little background info for the problem. At home (i am at college now) I was able to stream my movies from my computer to my xbox using Connect360. This proves my computer can stream without problem. At school, my Xbox picks up other people's computers and can connect to them. This proves the Xbox is not the problem. My friend is able to use Vuze (previously Azureus, the Bittorrent program) and connect to my xbox. His computer finds my xbox, and my xbox finds his computer and can connect. My program, Connect360 cannot find the xbox. I downloaded Vuze and it picks up no Xbox's either (whereas my friend finds 6 on his computer).

    I am on the same wireless as my xbox (it has the network adapter).

    any ideas?

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    Jan 24, 2010
    I didnt see an edit button, sorry for the double post. My ideas for the problem is that the problem lies with the internet network. There is no ambiguity because the computer has worked before on the same settings, and the xbox works with other peoples computers. Maybe my computer is blocked somehow from communicating with other devices (yet the 'remote' app on the iphone is able to wirelessly connect to my computer's iTunes). I cannot mess with the router, as it is the college's. I am planning on calling tech support in the coming days to see if its something they can fix internally.

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