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    PowerBook HD

    My old 17" pbook 1Ghz died about 2 weeks ago and i have its old hard drive. Is there a way of getting all of the stuff of my hard drive and putting on to DVDs? I had a PC hard drive thing which you put the HD in and connect it to the computer but it didn't work because i think it doesn't support mac hard rives, any suggestions? thanks

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    it seems that you have a new PB...

    so...why don't you get USB 2.0 or firewire 2.5" enclosure and hook that up to your PB?

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    Yep! I think that would work okay. Or maybe try connecting that hard drive to another Apple Notebook and do what you need to from there.

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    what is the name of the device i need to connect my HD to my powerbook?

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    Get a firewire enclosure of 2.5" drives. I am fond of for such things, though you could get them cheaper elsewhere.

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    first get an external HDD enclosure from local computer stores or from online...

    take your old HDD from your old PB...

    put it in the enclosure...

    then hook that up to your new PB...

    i think all external HDDs are like plug & play...

    but they also come with driver CD...

    good luck...

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    do i just insert my old hard drive into one of these enclosures? that simple?

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    yup that simple...

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