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    Blemmish on screen

    I just noticed a small blemmish on my screen. I have the microfiber cloth that I got (screensaverz from radtech) and I tried rubbing it with that, but it did not come off. The screensaverz came with an alcohol pad that they said if you used your keyboard and such you should wipe the screen down with that. Since my PB was brand new, I didn't do that. But there is this blemmish 2" down from the top and about 4" over from the right.

    Is this a defect will apple fix? or should I try that alcohol pad? Now it sticks out like a sore thumb because I know where it is.

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    Blemmish on screen
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    contact apple and get it replaced.

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    I doubt they would take it back. I think it is fading---but I am unsure.

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    Blemmish on screen

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    just do it and call them.. u'll be happier to get a new one

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    Actually the spot is gone. It may have been something I did--who knows. But it is long gone.

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