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    Keep awake when closed?
    Hi guys,

    I have a feeling this is a dumb question, but here goes anyway:

    I have just connected by MBP15" original (pre-unibody) to an analog PAL TV using the Apple DVI to Video cable, PAL version. It works beautifully.

    The 'BUT' is that the moment I close the laptop screen the MBP goes to sleep.

    So without laughing at me too much , please tell me how to keep it awake while closed.



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    Try this:

    However I have heard multiple times that heat may be a problem when you have your lid closed and the machine still running. Not sure how correct that is.
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    if you have an external keyboard and mouse, when you close the lid and press a key, it will also wake up

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    Thanks guys!

    Insomniax works great. I'll probably end up with a wireless Mighty Mouse and keyboard but not yet, especially as the Aussie Apple Store is out of them.


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    Hey Scathe,

    I'm into rc gliders and electrics too! I have an Xperience Pro and a Caracho, plus a Multiplex Cularis which I'm replacing with something better performing.

    What's that lovely e-glider in your avatar?


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