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    External LCD for iBook

    I'm looking at buying a LCD screen for my iBook. I'd like to get one that is 17"

    Can anyone suggest a brand that will work flawless with the iBook? Also i know the iBook can only do 1024x768 but if I buy a LCD that is say 1280x1024 would this still be ok?

    Thanks for any suggestions

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    HuMpS 97 DoHc
    I just recently bought a 19" NEC lcd and it works perfect with it. Just make sure you get one that has analog input(standard vga). If you use the screen spanning hack you can set your lcd up to 1280x1024, this is what I have done with mine and it looks amazing. Any lcd will work just go out and look at them in stores and see which one you like best. you want to look for one that has a response time of 16ms or better.

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    hmm, ok - thanks for the advice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by code777
    hmm, ok - thanks for the advice!
    i know you need the hack to span screens - but do you need it to just output to different screen - i.e keep your laptop blank - whilst working on another. Can you change resolution then?

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    HuMpS 97 DoHc
    no if you don't have the hack the most the external display can show is 1024x768.

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    LCD external display for iBook
    I'm also interested in purchasing an LCD display for my iBook but my iBook is an old one. I have a dual USB iBook (2001) with a VGA connector. Is it possible to use an LCD external monitor with this computer? It has only 8 MB of video memory and I know it can only use a VGA (analog) external display, but is it limited to only CRTs because of the amount of VRAM? I just want a larger LCD display (17” versus the tiny 11” screen on the iBook) that will mirror what’s on the iBook’s display. Eventually I want to update my laptop “desktop” to a Mac Mini with the LCD display, but for now I can only afford the display. Thanks.


    iBook G3, dual USB, 192 MB RAM, OS 10.2.8 (operating off external EZQuest 120 GB Cobra+ drive)

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    Thnaks, HuMpS 97 DoHc, Hmmm thats a bit rubbish.

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    I found a guy that is selling his Apple 20" Cinema LCD for $550/600 [depends], would this be overkill for the iBook? I mean would it even hook up to the iBook????

    I was also looking at this LCD (more practical). The SONY SDM-HS73/B

    which i found at a Sony Outlet for $280 refurbed. Which is more practical and well which one will work?

    Thanks guys.

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